CITI PLACE LTD is a copy/binding firm with exceptional customer service in Nairobi Kenya. Our great dedicated staff can handle all jobs from design to professional finishing in all types of originals from concept to paper originals files we can produce a top quality products from business card size upto 10 meter in length.

We have some of the best digital office machines in town to suit our clients.

We finish our jobs by giving them a professional look with binding or lamination (hot)

CITI PLACE was incorporated in Kenya in 2008 under Kenya Company Acts, specializing in general printing.

Our Services

  • Photocopying services – Bulk
  • Digital full colour photocopy & printing from A4 to A0.
  • Large format colour scanning
  • Large format printing
  • From A4 to 10 meters in length on thin board 60gms upto 250gms
  • Blue prints, vilo prints, linen prints
  • Offset Binding
  • Copy on tracing
  • We print from most of AutoCards and Archicard Version.

We print from most of AutoCards and Archicard Version.

Our latest equipments and technology offer highest quality needs.

Deadlines is what we believe in sometimes, working on 24 hrs around the clock to keep our promise.

Since some of our customers are not in NAIROBI we encourage them to mails for us on our Email address:- info@citiplaceltd.com or citiplacefax@yahoo.com. Then job is downloaded, printed and sent back to the client by courier.

  • Kindly call us today and lets begin a long term relationship.
  • Committed to efficient.
  • Committed to quality.
  • Committed to relationships

Why CitiPlace?

  • Very competence prices
  • High quality
  • Pick and delivery services
  • Dedicated customer service and personalized attention

Digitization & Archiving

Now the world is moving to digital and making use of paper less we have brought a heavy duty machine which can scan documents or digitize from all size colour black & white in whatever format i.e. PDF, JPEG, TIF, ARCHCHAD etc.

Note: With Citi Council of Nairobi which is our major clients amending their bylaws to submit architectural drawings online is caught everyone by surprises thus is why we have invested heavily on large format scanner.

Binding and finishing of document

We all believe that the finishing part of document presentation is what gives it the true value.

This are some of binding types we do:

1. Spiral binding – commonly used type of binding.
2. Strip binding (Velo binding) – best for legal documents
3. Stitch & Bind – best for large volumes documents such as appeals documents.
4. Wire-O-Wire binding – best for manuals & proposals
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